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Core Competencies and Skills

  • Independent, positive, persistent, problem-solving leader with natural curiosity
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Agile development familiarity with 7+ years using Scrum methodology
  • Expert-level technical writing ability including full-stack concepts and online help
  • Excellent project management and follow-through abilities
  • Effective collaborator, team builder, and mentor promoting customer success
  • Work with geographically dispersed teams in locations like India, Ireland, Romania, Australia, Russia, and South Africa

Professional Experience

Domino Data Lab
Senior Documentation Engineer II, 12/2022 – present

The Documentation team at Domino empowers customers through technical documentation, tutorials, examples, and UI text.

  • By September 2022, I performed user research, data analysis, and reorganized the User Guide and Admin Guide to target the appropriate personas (Data Science Practitioners and System Administrators).
  • Worked on a team that migrated our Documentation website from reStructured text to AsciiDoc and delivered a custom documentation website by April 2022.
  • Within my first three months, I did the following:
    • Reorganized and clarified a large section of content about model monitoring.
    • Created the Docs team’s style guide.
    • Managed the daily broken link report.
    • Was the primary contributor for the Domino 5.1 and 5.2 release documentation.
    • Validated and fixed a tutorial for MAT
    • Researched and updated documentation for configuration keys.
    • Closed 121 backlog Jiras (including the items listed).
  • Within 6-9 months:
    • I closed 379 Jiras (backlog, bug, and project-related).
    • I was the first Doc team member to embed in an engineering team.

ACI Worldwide, Inc.

Senior Technical Information Developer (Team lead), 4/2020 – 12/21

You name it, I do it!

As the “fixer,” I took over at-risk product projects to restore stakeholder confidence in the ID team. I, personally, responded to 95% of the Docs-as-Code tickets for a user base of 450 people. I was responsible for writing documentation for any product that needed it like Real-time Payments, Fraud, and Billers.       

Key achievements:

  • In 2 months, normalized workflows and set expectations for Real-time Payments product and development teams.
    • Migrated all content into Docs-as-Code platform and trained 70+ employees.
    • Trained and transitioned product and projects to new hire, while continuing to mentor.
  • Reported on a Pilot program where I identified the top three deliverables written by engineers and worked with SMEs to take over the full stack writing. Goal: Increase ID staff over 6 years to write 75% of the documents in our catalog that are currently authored by engineers or product.

Technical Information Developer (Team lead), 1/2019 – 4/2020
Create user assistance content covering the full stack.

Reviewed business requirements, user stories, product interfaces, customer issues, and engineering specifications to write first drafts of user assistance content covering the full stack. Created and managed documentation backlog for products through negotiation with Product Manager.

Note: 2019 promotion to Senior TID delayed due to corporate budget restrictions related to COVID-19.

Key achievements:

  • Managed ACI’s Merchant Fraud product and underlying framework products and act as SME, while contributing to other product work (such as Base24-eps, Immediate Payments, Transact) and internal projects.
  • Implemented Docs-as-Code platform to 450 users. Sole ID member who proactively learned the technology, implemented the system, trained users, and provided documentation and ongoing support.
  • Self-taught full stack concepts such as SQL to reduce development overhead.
  • Managed user research with Implementation Services team to increase customer satisfaction when using Installation guides.

Senior Information Developer, 8/2014 – 1/2019
Created clear, concise, and accurate user assistance for ACI’s fraud and framework products

Translated complex technical information into effective, persona-based content. Created user assistance such as UI text, user guides, online help, and embedded help. Managed projects in an Agile environment with geographically-dispersed, cross-functional teams including product, engineering, project, and UXD.

Key achievements:

  • In 2018, led 15 product projects to completion on time and within budget.
  • Collaborated with product, architecture, and UX to solved complex GUI issues for ACI’s Merchant Fraud product to enhance customer experience.
  • Presented description of complex Merchant Fraud features to VP Risk Services for approval. She later used this to educate her team.
  • Led an initiative to standardize and reuse messages across 20 ACI products supported by ID.
  • Led migration of internal content from SharePoint to Confluence. Reduced the content by 80%, increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Retail Decisions (ReD)
Senior Technical Writer/Business Analyst and more, 3/2012 – 8/2014 (acquired by ACI Worldwide, Inc.)
Led documentation efforts for ReD’s Customer Service Interface 2 (CSI 2)—a software solution used by industry-leading retailers such as Macy’s, IKEA, Nordstrom, Finish Line, Karma Loop, and the Bank of China for online fraud detection and metrics.

Published translation-ready customer-facing documentation. Top contributor and advocate for company Confluence wiki. Documented user stories, requirements, and design assets.

Key achievements:

  • Key member of the product team that developed ReD Shield’s Customer Service Interface 2. CSI 2 saves customers millions of dollars a month in chargebacks and fraud.
    • Business Analyst – Represented the customer during discussions with web design and coding vendors to design features. Wrote requirements and presented them to clients such as Macy’s and Nordstrom for review.
    • Technical Writer – Wrote all internal and customer-facing documentation.
    • Customer-facing Trainer – Created a reusable training script and processes for large virtual courses for external clients ensuring customer confidentiality without inhibiting interaction.
    • Internal Trainer – Created training and trained the customer service team, implementation team, and project managers.
    • Tester – Used an iterative process to test defects, fix, and test again with a small team. Gave the team daily testing metrics to keep us on track.

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation
MIS Technical Writer, 4/2011 – 3/2012
Gathered requirements, developed and executed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scripts for Quality and Regulatory compliance systems.

Gathered and communicated requirements from MTF Corporate Users to a vendor (Makromed) responsible for customizing the Quality and Regulatory compliance systems. Prepared and maintained User Acceptance Test (UAT) scripts, and executed tests for internal and external verified/validated systems.

Key achievements:

  • Identified 250 bugs in three software modules and followed up with vendor to remedy.
  • Trained corporate users to create UAT scripts.

mFormation Technologies
Senior Technical Writer, 4/2010 – 10/2010
Responsible for internal and customer-facing documentation for web-based mobile device management product.

Wrote technical product descriptions, user guides, and technical notes for use by customers such as AT&T, Clearwire, and T-Mobile.

Key achievements:

  • Wrote the first product functional description for mFormation Service Manager, used for sales and contracts.
  • Standardized terminology to reduce customer and staff confusion which shortened the time of support calls.


Writing: SDL Content Management System including XMetaL, SnagIT, Adobe Acrobat Pro, DITA XML, OXygen, Bluestream CMS, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat

Agile: Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian JIRA

Technical: Microsoft SQL Server, Postman, PutTy, Oracle VM Virtual Box, SQL WorkBench, Eclipse, Atlassian SourceTree, Tortoise Subversion, Beyond Compare, GIT, WinSCP

Other: Figma, Office365, Notepad++, Microsoft Visio, HTML help tools such as Robohelp and HTML Help Workshop


Bachelor of Science, Corporate Communications
Ithaca College, magna cum laude