Project Highlights

1. Docs-as-code migration
The link above is to my blog post that describes this project.

Also, Create and manage content in IntelliJ is a document that was exported from Confluence with instructions written for internal users (Information Development, Product, and Engineering) to learn how to use our Docs-as-Code platform. Users have access to troubleshooting information too.


2. Microservices, Containers, and Kubernetes presentation 
Slide deck from a presentation that I gave to the Information Development team introducing basic concepts.

3. Sample Installation Guide
Deprecated example from a 130 page installation guide typically used by Professional Services, but also provided to customers to install a complex software product.

4. DITA samples
Examples of help topics that I wrote for a framework solution.

5. DITA samples
Examples of a Concept topic and a Task topic that I wrote for a Fraud Prevention solution. End users are Risk Analysts.

6. Workflow diagram (Contains confidential information)
Created a user-friendly workflow diagram for end users with real world examples from a complex workflow, domain model, and UI activity diagram. The diagram will be used by the Director of Payment Risk Management and customer facing product people to help explain and sell the system.

7. Embedded help
Examples of embedded help that I wrote from a key framework product for the payments industry. End users are administrators or developers.

8. Fraud Prevention System User Guide
A PDF containing a short excerpt from a user guide that I wrote for Risk Analysts using a software solution for card-not-present fraud prevention and metrics.

9. Web Service Implementation Guide
A PDF containing a short, redacted excerpt from an implementation guide that I wrote for administrators and Solution Consultants to implement a Web Service.

10. Mobile Device Management – iPhone
A PDF containing a short excerpt from a document that I wrote for enterprise administrators who must enable device management for iPhone iOS 4 devices.

11. HP OpenView Configuration Management
I created a DVD for HP employees to understand, use, and support the HP OpenView Configuration Management Solutions (formerly Radia). The DVD contained:

  • An overview of several HP OpenView Configuration Management Solutions products and information about essential processes.
    • readme (converted to a PDF for this site)
  • Two VMWare images and instructions about installing and configuring the HP OpenView Configuration Management Solution products.
  • Exercises that demonstrate the basic capabilities of the HP OpenView Configuration Management Solutions products.
  • A survey to determine the DVD’s effectiveness.

This was a special project with a sponsor and no assigned team members. I completed it successfully by reaching out to pre-sales engineers and Information Engineers with whom I had built a rapport throughout my career at HP. Teams in China assisted with testing.


12. 2020 grammar challenges

Our team has been receiving grammar challenges for the past few weeks. I thought would be an opportunity to share some of my writing skills.

13. SDK sample in YAML file

14. Sample topics edited from Domino Data Labs website: