ReD Shield Merchant Fraud Prevention clients currently using Customer Service Interface-1 (CSI-1), which is now being retired, are being transitioned to CSI-2. CSI-2 offers a more streamlined way to search, analyze, and manage transactions through the fraud screening process and contains an integrated dashboard, multiple click and block functionality, and new queue management tools. As … Continue reading Senior Manager Information Development, ACI

Senior Manager Information Development, ACI

Tara is a very detail oriented colleague who is passionate about her work and the relationships she creates with her colleagues. Tara brings the right attitude, level of energy, and experience needed from a Business Analyst in the fast moving industry of fraud prevention. She has been an integral part of the team that has … Continue reading Jorge Hernandez – Technical Implementation Manager

Jorge Hernandez – Technical Implementation Manager

Tara English-Sweeney is an exceptionally versatile worker who can draw upon a variety of skills to meet the needs of any organization. Not only is she able to meet her primary deliverable on schedule, she also volunteers to fill organizational roles when and where they are needed, all while remaining approachable and congenial with staff. … Continue reading Hasshi Sudler – CEO at Internet Think Tank, Inc.

Hasshi Sudler – CEO at Internet Think Tank, Inc.

As an excellent Technical Writer, Tara researches new and existing systems on her own, quickly establishes friendly rapport with Subject Matter Experts, and asks informed questions designed to minimize her impact on their time. Her writing is clear, organized, and stylistically consistent; her Guides provide relevant context and are easy to use, either by reading … Continue reading Mel DuPont – managed Tara directly

Mel DuPont – managed Tara directly

I've worked with Tara for about 10 years and am impressed with her technical skills, ability to comprehend complex designs and sophisticated solutions, and then produce documents that make the products and solutions look simple. In fact the developers in my organization use her documents for reference on how our products work. Tara makes sure … Continue reading Vladimir Hrabov, Vice President Software and Delivery at Kanda Software

Vladimir Hrabov, Vice President Software and Delivery at Kanda Software