10 Proven Tips for Effective Employee Training and Onboarding

The following are some of my go to tips when training new employees:

1. Never assume knowledge. Don’t be condescending. Ask them their level, if needed.
2. Give them as much background information as possible (about people, processes, projects, etc.).
3. Don’t just tell them how, tell them why.
4. Check in often. Ask for feedback.
5. If they ask a question, don’t just answer it. Include how YOU would find the answer.
6. Empower them early and often.
7. Always be ready to take the fall for them. Have their back.
8. Talk them up to others.
9. Build a great rapport.
10. Let them fly, but be there if they need some reassurance.

I know I’m forgetting things, but this is a good list of 10!

What are your tips?

See the post on LinkedIn.

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