Embedded help and system messages

At ACI, I am responsible for many different types of User Assistance (UA). For example:

  • UI labels
  • seed data, such as drop down values and descriptions
  • embedded help (page, icon, persistent, and tooltips)
  • online help
  • error, confirmation, informational, and success messages

The embedded help, below, is from a key framework product that has a wide-ranging effect on multiple products.

1. An example of page level help in a hosted system.


2. An example of page level help in a framework.

org help

3. An example of icon help in a hosted system.

icon help2.png

4. An example of persistent help in a hosted system.

persistent help

The system messages, below, are examples from a fraud prevention product.

  • Column Name: The maximum length for this field is 50.
  • MyListName already exists. Enter a unique name for the list.
  • {Rule} cannot be edited because another user is editing the rule. Try again later.
  • {Rule} cannot be disabled because it is used in one or more Rules or Action Sets.
  • {Field name}: The maximum number of wildcards that can be used in this field is {number}.
  • {incorrect item} is invalid. Correct the expression in Feature Builder.