As an excellent Technical Writer, Tara researches new and existing systems on her own, quickly establishes friendly rapport with Subject Matter Experts, and asks informed questions designed to minimize her impact on their time. Her writing is clear, organized, and stylistically consistent; her Guides provide relevant context and are easy to use, either by reading cover-to-cover, or, by jumping in to read just the thing you need. Aside from writing and publishing hundreds of pages of translation-ready, customer-facing documentation, she has contributed significantly to our company’s internal wiki by producing not only system and project documentation, but also procedural documents, and the bulk of our team’s style guide.

In the almost two years she’s been with ReD, in addition to her Technical Writing duties, Tara has taken on the tasks of Business Analyst, Software Quality Assurance Tester, Implementer, Project Manager, Client Trainer, Staff Trainer, Subject Matter Expert…the list goes on. When Tara can pitch in to help, she does. Every day.

I work in RI, Tara works in NJ, and she is a pleasure to manage remotely. Tara completes what she commits to, she is clear and communicative about roadblocks and conflicting demands on her time, and she shifts gears readily whenever circumstances shift around her.

As her manager, I could not be happier with the quality of her work, her enthusiasm for new challenges, her work ethic, and with Tara herself. I am glad I hired her and I wish I could hire ten more just like her. The second I can give her a raise, I will do so.

Mel DuPont – managed Tara directly