I’ve worked with Tara for about 10 years and am impressed with her technical skills, ability to comprehend complex designs and sophisticated solutions, and then produce documents that make the products and solutions look simple. In fact the developers in my organization use her documents for reference on how our products work.

Tara makes sure that she understands a product before working on any publication related to it; consequently becoming a subject matter expert who talks with authority about the entire product and its features. She asks questions and makes suggestions that display her rare ability to see the “big picture” and set priorities. I believe these skills in particular come from her prior experience as a product manager which provides added value to the team. I listen carefully to her suggestions as they often help me finding the right way to steer projects to successful conclusion.

Tara is a great team player with leadership abilities and an excellent person to work with. Highly recommended and respected.

Vladimir Hrabov, Vice President Software and Delivery at Kanda Software