Technical Writing and UX Writing: Why One Person Can (and Should) Do Both

Sharing an opinion today…

I’ve read several articles about the difference between Technical Writers and User Experience (UX) Writers. However, UX writing evolved from Technical Writing, so the same person can (and often should) be doing the job.

In UX Writing, writers write microcopy for the user interface, such as error messages, tooltips, and button labels. The goal is to provide users with help while allowing them to move seamlessly through the interface. In Technical Writing, writers write content such as user manuals, API guides, and installation guides. Their goal is to deliver clear, concise, consistent, and accurate content to educate users about how to use a product.

Both types of writers must have a deep understanding of the audience and the product. When writing UX text, writers are involved in the process early. As the writer writes the UX text, they increase their product knowledge, ask questions, and raise issues that might improve the product before it goes to production. Writers can then apply this knowledge as they write technical documentation. Having the same person write the UX text and technical documentation leads to consistent messaging across the product and documentation.

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